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Faith launches business for the production of motion pictures and
distribution of their digital contents.

` Creation of a new scheme for the distribution of visual contents by exploiting the benefit in the diversity of the usersf environments `
Tokyo-July 6, 2006---In August 2006, Faith, Inc. (Faith) (TSE:4295) will establish the new company, Desperado, Inc. (Desperado), which will produce motion pictures and a wide variety of visual entertainments, and distribute visual contents with digital distribution.

Accessibility to visual entertainments has been expanding thanks to the development of new products in information appliances and game devices as well as to the spread of broadband service. The market of digital distribution for video contents has especially been rapidly expanding with the diversification of media platforms such as one-segment broadcasting and terrestrial digital broadcasting. Moreover, the intended purpose of using visual entertainments has also become diverse; gproduct placementh (promotional tactic using media exposure of a commercial product or brandfs logo), and gbranded entertainmenth (brand-sponsored visual entertainments) have become common.

Desperado will provide opportunities for producing a wide variety of visual entertainments by exploiting the benefit in the diversity of usersf environment. Furthermore, Desperado will bring out the creatorsf talents through the active use of the incentive system, and develop a new business model of visual entertainments to produce hit contents on an ongoing basis.

Naoyuki Sakagami (former director of Kadokawa Herald Pictures, Inc.) will be appointed as CEO/president, and Yuji Ishida (former chief producer of Amuse Soft Entertainment, Inc.) as executive vice president. Both have numerous achievements in the field of motion pictures; Naoyuki Sakagami was in charge of purchase and promotion of various foreign movies including gApocalypse Nowh and the trilogy of gThe Lord of the Ringsh and produced many Japanese hit movies such as gWhiteouth and gAegis.h Yuji Ishida, who has a background in visual production and as a promotion producer in music industry, purchased and distributed foreign movies such as gCUBE,h and produced a Japanese TV drama, gSky High,h and movies including gKamikaze Girlsh and gThe Memories of Matsukoh

Faith Group has been a front-runner in gthe creation of a new scheme for the distribution of digital contents,h and has achieved a user reach of 12 million in the contents distribution service through mobile website. By establishing Desperado, Faith will secure quality video contents, create and provide new services for members, and exploit new terminal devices and networks to develop a new scheme for the distribution of visual contents.
Overview of the new company
  [Name of the company] Desperado, Inc.
  [Representatives] Naoyuki Sakagami, CEO/President
    Yuji Ishida, Executive vice president
  [Shareholder composition] Faith, Inc. (62%)
    Amuse Soft Entertainment, Inc. and board members of Desperado Inc. and others (38%)
  [Address] Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  [Date of establishment] August 2006 (tentative)
  [Business summary] Various operations related to motion pictures and visual entertainments, including planning, production, investment, purchase, distribution, and promotion
  [Fiscal year end] March
  [Number of employees] 14 (tentative)
  [Capital stock] 50 million yen
  [Number of shares outstanding]


About Faith Inc.
Faith was the first company in the world to design and apply gring tonesh for mobile telephones and expanded its business activities not only within Japan, but also into 21 countries throughout the world including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and South America. Moreover, the company provides electronic money service used for settlement of accounts for on-line games, music distribution and e-commerce. In the United States, Faith also provides mobile telephone services (MVNO service) targeted towards a specific customer segment. In the future, Faith further aims to be a high added-value service company through the creation on a global scale of ga new scheme for the distribution of digital contentsh in various environments such as mobile telephones and PCs.
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