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Faith expands Electronic Commerce(EC) services for Intra-corporate sales
- Commencement of Intra-corporate Sales of CDs and DVDs
via gdesk shopping platformh from March -

Tokyo- January 30, 2007---Faith, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as gFaith) is pleased to announce its participation in the gdesk shopping platform,h a corporate-oriented EC (Electronic Commerce) platform service operated by Vinegar, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as gVinegar) serving IP business telephones including products manufactured by Iwatsu Electric Co., Ltd., and as the first step in the provision of service, Faith will be commencing intra-corporate sales of CDs and DVDs in March this year. In addition to expanding the range of products sold, Faith will also be introducing mediation for services including E-ticket sales and digital content distribution as well as gPocket QQ,h a corporate-oriented medical information service provided by the Faith Group.

The general-consumer EC market value in 2004 was 2.3 trillion yen and it is forecast that this figure will reach 6.4 trillion yen by 2011.The market for mobile-terminal based commerce has shown particularly marked growth and the outlook is for an increase in market value from the 2004 level of 230 billion yen to 1.2 trillion yen in 2011. Additionally, the number of users with experience of using EC reached 31 million at the end of 2005, clearly indicating that EC has become firmly rooted in our daily lives and this has led to a demand for EC services that will provide high levels of added value and features.

Based on the technology and know-how accumulated from its paid distribution services for audio, video and on-line games through mobile terminals, PCs and the Internet, and credit- payment service through the issue of gWebMoneyh (pre-paid electronic money), Faith will not only offer product- sales services over the Internet, but will also provide an wider range of EC services including E-tickets, digital contents distribution and mediation for service. Additionally, by specializing in closed markets aimed at limited user groups such as intra-corporate sales or membership systems, Faith will provide benefits such as bargain offers and outlet product sales. This will mean that prices, products and services difficult to find on general-consumer markets will be available for purchase to company employees and members, providing support for differentiation and service enhancement in welfare programs of companies and member organizations taking advantage of the services offered.

As well as the provision of EC services for exclusive closed markets, Faith will also make this EC platform available as a solution for companies providing product sales and services to general consumers. Through the introduction and expansion of companies and member organizations subscribing to its services, Faith will pursue the development of the EC market.
About desk shopping platform
The desk shopping platform provided by Vinegar is a corporate-oriented EC platform service based on IP business telephones. This service will be available from February 13, 2007 and will offer EC services provided by major EC suppliers and companies.
About Vinegar, Inc.
Vinegar, Inc. (head office in Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Taichiro Sato) was founded with the goal of providing services that make communication possible by appealing to the five human senses and facilitating network access through the five senses, leading to the realization of a society in which countless resources become available to large numbers of people on the Internet. Business telephones represent the first step in the realization of this vision.
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About Pocket QQ
Pocket QQ is a mobile service that provides immediate access anytime, anywhere to medical information throughout Japan in emergencies. The 24-hour service features a database of 200,000 hospitals and 100,000 chemists across the country enabling users to check local medical facilities quickly and easily using the mobile phone GPS function in cases of medical emergencies such as during late night. The information provided is supervised by a group of medical experts and doctors headed up by Professor Ryuichi Morishita of Osaka University.
The site is being deployed principally for B2B business provided for corporate clients as a service for welfare programs and health management for employees.
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About Faith, Inc.
Faith was the first company in the world to design and apply gring tonesh for mobile telephones and expanded its business activities not only within Japan, but also into 21 countries throughout the world including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and South America. Moreover, the company provides electronic money service used for settlement of accounts for on-line games, music distribution and e-commerce. In the United States, Faith also provides mobile telephone services (MVNO service) targeted towards a specific customer segment. In the future, Faith further aims to be a high added-value service company through the creation on a global scale of ga new scheme for the distribution of digital contentsh in various environments such as mobile telephones and PCs.
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