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Intel, Faith, and Yoshimoto Kogyo
create a new paid content distribution market that utilizes
collaboration between PCs and mobile phones

- Launching the demonstration testing on the new content distribution service@using
Near Field Right Management™ (NFRM,) an easy and secure authentication
technology, and aiming to commercialize it within the year
Tokyo - March 5, 2007---Intel Corporation (head office: Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, co-Presidents: Kazumasa Yoshida and Robert Sweenun, hereinafter referred to as Intel), Faith, Inc. (head office: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, CEO/President: Hajime Hirasawa, hereinafter referred to as Faith), and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (head office: Chuo-ku Osaka, President: Isao Yoshino, hereinafter referred to as Yoshimoto Kogyo) announce to create a new paid content distribution market with providing a new content distribution platform that utilizes collaboration between PCs and mobile phones.

As the first step, they conduct the demonstration testing on the new content distribution service called gNFRM Serviceh (tentative name). The four-month-testing will commence on March 6 and will continue until the end of June this year. The service uses a new type of authentication technology, Near Field Right Management™ (hereinafter referred to as NFRM) developed by Faith, which utilizes collaboration between PCs and mobile phones for content distribution. Based on the results of the tests, the companies aim to fully expand the system and offer it as a charged content distribution service within the year.

Using the short distance communication function of NFRM and the FeliCa chip, the NFRM Service allows the contents purchased on a mobile phone to be viewed not only on the mobile phone but also on a PC through a FeliCa port, by holding the mobile phone over the port. Content can be enjoyed not only on the userfs home PC, but anywhere and anytime on a PC with a broadband connection and a FeliCa port. By retaining the rights information on the content stored on individual mobile phone, the content can be viewed by holding the mobile phone up to a PC, it makes possible the prevention of improper use and unlawful reproduction of the content. The future aim is to provide a service allowing the enjoyment of high quality contents on digital household appliances and car audiovisual systems as well as on PCs.

The practical application of the NFRM Service, which allows safe and user-friendly distribution and viewing of high quality images and sound contents, will facilitate the distribution of such high quality content and provide new business chances in various industries including mobile phone, PC, content, digital household appliance, and broadband communication. Applications to link events and as a marketing tool will provide film and music creators as well as rights holders with distribution chances for new productions.

For the testing, NTT SmartConnect Corporation (head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Mitsuyoshi Okamoto), the 100% subsidiary of NTT West Corporation, will provide the distribution platform infrastructure, in addition to the participation of Intel, Faith, and Yoshimoto Kogyo. Also, many influential content providers are planned to participate in the tests by providing their contents to demonstration portal as well as running tests on their own services.

In addition, the Smart Digital Life Promotion Project launched by Intel, Bitwallet, and Microsoft will help to promote the installation of FeliCa ports in PCs, by promoting the NFRM Service as a new model service using FeliCa and by providing common ground for companies approved in the testing results and promoting.

Aiming for expanding the paid contetnt distribution market, Intel, Faith, and Yoshimoto Kogyo will not only provide the NFRM Service but also continue to collaborate to create a user-friendly and secure content distribution scheme for both rightsholders and users.
œDivision of roles among the leaders in the joint testing
* Provision of a PC platform to realize the digital homes, as exemplified by Intel® Viiv technology
* Promotion of FeliCa installation in PC platforms through the actions of the Smart Digital Life Promotion Project
* Dissemination and sales promotion in the PC industry
* Development and provision of NFRM technologies (applications for mobile phones and PCs, NFRM certification server solutions)
* Dissemination and sales promotion in the mobile phone industry
  Yoshimoto Kogyo
* Construction and management of a portal site for the demonstration tests
* Planning, creation, and provision of contents
* Provision of data centre infrastructure for content distribution server, etc.
œOther participants in the testing by providing contents etc.
  [Participating companies]
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
BroadBand Tower, Inc.
  [Contents etc. provided]
TV news programme
  Desperado, Inc.
Dogado Inc. (Video production and distribution company set up with Shochiku's Eisei Gekijo Co. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. capital)
  Films, dramas etc.
  Giga Networks, Inc.
Japan Broadcast Publishing Co., Ltd./NTT Learning Systems Corporation
Lessons and teaching materials
  Japan Tennis Association
National Geographic Channel (News Broadcasting Japan)
  NEO Index Corporation   Entertainment
  On Demand TV Inc.
Qlick.TV (Frontmedia Inc.)
Viacom International Japan K.K.
  Distribution service of dramas and films
  Walt Disney Television International, Japan
Xing Inc.
  Animations, films
Karaoke videos
  Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
(In alphabetical order)
About Intel
As a global leader in the silicon technology revolution, Intel promotes development and takes initiatives in cutting-edge technologies and products aiming at enriching peoplefs work and life environment.
For more information, visit
About Faith Inc.
(Company code, 4295; 1st section of TSE)
Faith is the pioneer of the ringtone business for the mobile phones. Originally, the concept of ringtone distribution started from this company. It commercialized the idea, and expanded the business not only within Japan, but also into the 21 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and South America. Moreover, the company provides the wide-ranging services such as on-line game, music distribution, issuance of the electric money to settle e-commerce shopping. In future, Faith aims to provide the higher added-value service through the creation of ga new scheme for the distribution of the digital contenth in the global scale in various environments such as mobile phones and PCs.
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About Yoshimoto Kogyo
(Company code 9665; 1st section of TSE)
Yoshimoto Kogyo was founded in 1912 and began with the management of the vaudeville-type theater gDaini Bungeikanh in the backstreets of Tenma-Tenjin shrine in Osaka by Mr Kichibei Yoshimoto and his wife Sei. At present, the company is a celebrity production company that operates throughout Japan. The companyfs operations are not limited to the comedy business but extend to the following areas: owning a year-round theater, a rarity by in itself; managing more than 800 celebrities, athletes, and cultural figures; planning and creating TV and radio programs and commercials; internet content, creating and selling books and DVDs; real estate business; music; and development of amusement facilities.
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About NTT Smart Connect
Established in March 2000 as a complete subsidiary of NTT West, NTT Smart Connect provides services such as gHousing,h gRental Server,h and gVideo Delivery,h as well as operation services that can be used safely, always challenging the cutting-edge technologies of the times while at our core we are the highest level internet data center domestically, established in the major internet connection location of Osaka (Dojima), western Japan. As we continue to develop projects for new internet platforms and heightening the added value for services including the delivery of footage, we will contribute to a smart living style for people and to the development of optical broadband networks.
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About the Smart Digital Life Promotion Project
The Smart Digital Life Promotion Project was initiated by Intel Corp., Bitwallet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to create an environment which facilitates the smart, convenient, safe use of e-commerce and personal authentication via PCs and other terminals, by people of all generations from children to the elderly in the context of everyday life, without the need of special skills or knowledge. The use of the non-contact IC card technology FeliCa will promote gsmart digital life.h
About FeliCa
FeliCa is a non-contact IC card technology system with in-built memory and wireless communication chips. The card can be held over a reader for handling data such as settlement of payments. It has a security mechanism that prevents forgery and reconstruction of the personal information, and is the worldfs first ISO/IEC15408EAL-certified non-contact card. Since FeliCa enables one card to handle multiple types of data, it can create a card for performing various functions such as electronic money, pre-paid card for public transportation, employee ID card, student ID card, entry/exit pass, etc. These data are managed independently within the FeliCa chip, being possible to set individual access rights, and enabling safe interoperation among a variety of services.
About Asahi Broadcasting
ABC believes that when developing the multiple distribution of the content for broadcast, the paid service would be the ideal model, because the fund from the fee collection could be re-invested directly on the new content production, and it would create the positive cycle. In reality, however, both in the broadcasting and the news distribution, the cost and the manpower for the user registration and the content purchase settlement are causing the bottleneck for the business, and this is the reason that various kind of services are shifting to the advertisement models. ABC regards The Near Field Right Management (NFRM) as a solution for the bottleneck barriers. For the testing, ABC provides the news content, because it is the field we follow most closely in terms of infrastructure. Besides that, the news content updated constantly would be most suited to demonstrate the NFRMfs accessibility in time and place.
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About Japan Broadcast Publishing / NTT Learning Systems
This is an educational entertainment site with the same essence as NHK educational television and radio programs have. Ever since its inception, eLesson has focused on developing English courses, and it is working on strengthening the areas of hobby and learning.
eLesson not only features educational materials, but popular character voices and animations, and is full of contents that can be played with on the screen.
It is loaded with fun areas, like gEi-1 Grand Prixh where players can compete with each other for the number one title in English ability.
About Walt Disney Television International-Japan
Walt Disney Television International Japan (WDTI-J) is the television broadcasting business activity in domestic Japan overseen by Walt Disney Inc. Our main business activities are in producing original Disney programs like Disney Time, and running two all-Disney channels: the Disney Channel, and Toon Disney.
WDTI-J will experiment by providing demonstrations of promotional footage: the popular broadcast gLilo & Stitch - the Series,h 20-minute episode animations with a stellar performance by Lilo and Stitch and gHigh School Musical,h a hot-topic, young-adult musical that caused a social phenomenon, and sent audiences all over America into a frenzy last year. Users can also enjoy moving images from gLilo & Stitch - the Seriesh on gDisney Channel on Mobile,h Disney Channelfs official mobile site. The other of Disney Channelfs broadcasts, gHigh School Musical,h will be in the grand spotlight with the airing of its sequel this year.
For more information, visit
About Xing
Its main businesses are provision of the professional-quality karaoke online and the content for the mobile phone. Last year, it started gUta-suki JOYSOUNDh a ekaraoke community servicef that brings mobile phones, the PC, and karaoke shops together. We are planning to experiment with unique karaoke video demos for children, and make use of our karaoke network and know-how as a mobile content provider to give customers new ways to enjoy karaoke.
For more information, visit
About On-demand TV
It provides broadcasts of movies, and special channels to the home television making use of FLETfS service by NTT East and West. Customers can watch movies and enjoy these channels whenever they like, simply by connecting the On-demand TV receiver to their home FLETfS cable and television. With the set price plan, customers can choose from about 6,500 programs to watch like Hollywood films, foreign dramas, popular animations, and live music footage. In addition, 29 special channels (as of March 2007) are broadcast for unlimited viewing enjoyment. Starting from July 2006, it provides gOn-demand TV High Vision,h the worldfs first high-vision video-on-demand (VOD TV) broadcasts.
For more information, visit
About Giga Networks
Besides the provision of the ringtone distribution service for mobile phones, Giga Networks undertakes planning, development, and distribution of entertainment content such as films, music, and concert information. gRingtone Gigah, which started in September 1999 as an i-mode site providing ringtone services, currently boasts a paid-membership of over 3 million subscribers. By making use of the users reach, Giga Networks expands and promotes high value-added services for future generation. In the testing, Giga Networks provides entertainment contents through gRingtone Giga.h
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About Qlick.TV
Qlick. TV is a mobile TV channel where you can enjoy various kinds of audio and visual programs such as news, music information, animations, films, and variety shows completely free of charge. It provides experimental demos of gItokubo Party ~ 3 Ne, Uchi Konai?h (it can be accessible after 8:00pm every Saturday). Ayaka Ito and Keiko Kubotafs beautiful features and powerful sound make Itokubo a popular womenfs rock duo. Itokubo plays the host on this cheerfully boisterous programme with various artists stopping by as guests at the Itokubo room or sending in video messages. It also delivers the trailers to DoCoMo's Music Channel and aufs EZ Channel a day prior to the Qlick. TVfs broadcasting.
For more information, visit
About Desperado, Inc.
Desperado, Inc. was established in August 2006 through joint investment by companies such as Faith and Amuse Group. In addition to existing methods of distribution such as production investment, purchasing and publicity distribution, the company is undertaking production of non-movie images and digital distribution in an effort to build a new system image distribution that is beyond the conventional route of distribution. Additionally, it provides appropriate incentives with the aim of nurturing and retaining new, talented creators to enable mass-production of high-quality image products. In this way, the company plans to develop its image business that will enable optimum exercise of property rights. In the testing, Desperado, Inc. provides image products such as films.
h For more information, visit
About Dogado
Dogado is a wonderland of images of contents shot and distributed from gGurabia Series ? She.h We work hard when shooting to implement camera work that allows clearer images on devices with small screens like mobile phones, making the delivery of high resolution imagery a reality. Premier creators of mobile phone images take their work seriously to produce entertaining contents. Now boring moving images for mobile phones are a thing of the past! To prove it we delivers two titles that are rapidly gaining popularity: Nittelegenic 2006 Hitomi Aizawa, and Rina Nagasaki, a top idol whose image has decorated magazine covers. Enjoy a date with these two top Gurabia idols and Gurabia original movies.
For more information, visit
About National Geographic Channel
The National Geographic Association was established In Washington D.C. in 1888, and has introduced in magazine format a diversity of extensive information on geography, humanities, and nature to the people of the world. Wishing to pass on the results of their invaluable activities and research, the National Geographic Channel (NGC) began its broadcast in Japan in 2002, and is at present viewed by over 290 million families in 164 countries and in 27 languages. Made-up television programs do not exist in the NGC lineup. Only documentary footage are transmitted ? each carefully captured and priceless ? tracing the spirit of discovery of adventurers and seekers, their whereabouts and goings on.
For more information, visit
The Japan Tennis Association
About gJTA Tennis! Online,h the Official Site for Tennis Footage

Here at gJTA Tennis! Online,h it covers mainly domestic tournaments, and is updated more than two matches weekly. Its coverage includes the menfs Davis Cup and the womenfs FED Cup. It also has the original lesson videos and more is planned to come.
At present (February 28, 2007) there are 281 contents of which 61 are free. Its members can view as much of the contents as they like for \420 per month (tax included), and non-members are accessible to the pay-per-view contents at \210 per programme.
Payment can be made by credit card or bank remittance (twice-yearly payments are available for the members only), and edy settlement is planned to be introduced in March.
For more information, visit
About Neo Index
Neo Index is a pioneer in video-on-demand. We operate Nextensive®, an on-demand service (VOD for television that makes use of a set-top box) and Miranca®, a video delivery portal service for computers which boasts the largest number of members in Japan. Nextensive® service reaches the end user through channel partners in cooperation with internet service providers, apartment developers, and every hotel channel, and Miranca® service reaches the end user directly. We have also exchanged contracts directly with all 7 of Hollywoodfs major studios. Add this to domestic distributors and movie production firms and we are contracted with the holders of the most numerous contents.
Films, dramas, and variety shows are some of the contents we plan to offer.
About Viacom International Japan KK
It is established as a wholly owned Japanese subsidiary of Viacomfs MTV Networks (President: Peter Robert Bullard) to be a business base in Japan. It develops business focused on interactive entertainment, carrying out digital media projects to deliver digital contents to mobile phones and PCs. As a global media business with the rights to our own abundance of content, it wishes more people to enjoy them in higher resolution. It now transmits an leading American MTV program, gJackass.h It recorded the highest ratings in American CS broadcasting history, and is a big hit mainly with the youth in Japan as well. It wishes the public to enjoy these contents easily from a mobile phone, or in better quality on the PC.
For more information, visit
About Broadband Tower
gThe Private Detective Mike Hamah a brand new series by Kaizo Hayashi

The story of the detectives who have three digit code names that start with 5
gDetective office 5h in Kawasaki is a prestigious detective office in its 60th anniversary since its established. In this story surrounding the detective office, there is no leading role. Rather, every detective that makes their appearance here is could be the main character. You might say that gdetective office 5h is itself the star of this story.
The detectives are not called by their names. Each has a three digit code name starting with 5, and recognize each other only with them.
For more information, visit
* Intel is a registered trademark or trademark of Intel Corporation or its affiliates in the United States and other countries.
* gFeliCah is the contact-free IC card technology developed by Sony Inc.
* Other companies and products are generally trademarked by their companies respectively.
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