May 29, 2007
Press Release
Company name: Faith Inc.
Representative: Hajime Hirasawa, CEO/President
(Stock code 4295, Listed on TSE 1st section)
Contact: Shigeyoshi Fujiwara, Corporate Communication
TEL: +81-(0)3-5776-6255 (Representative)
Election of Director and Statutory Auditor Candidates
At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on May 29, 2007, Faith Inc. elected 5 director candidates and 3 statutory auditor candidates to be deliberated at the 15th Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders scheduled to be held on June 28, 2007.
1.Appointments and Resignations of Directors and Statutory Auditors
  (1) Candidates to be reappointed as directors (3 people)
Hajime Hirasawa    Keizo Odori    Koji Saeki
  (2) Candidates to be newly appointed as directors (2 people)
Masaru Koshimizu
Yasuyuki Higuchi
*Mr. Yasuyuki Higuchi is an outside director candidate.
  (3) Candidate to be reappointed as a statutory auditor (1 person)
Yasumasa Tomioka
*Mr. Yasumasa Tomioka is an outside statutory auditor candidate.
  (4) Candidates to be newly appointed as statutory auditors (2 people)
Akira Watanabe
Takako Sugaya
*Mr. Akira Watanabe and Ms. Takako Sugaya are outside statutory auditor candidates.
  (5) An exiting statutory auditor to be resigned(1 person)
Yoshio Takahashi
2.Team of Directors and Statutory Auditors on and after June 28, 2007
  CEO and President: Hajime Hirasawa
  Representative Director  
  Director: Keizo Odori
  CFO/ Director: Koji Saeki
  Director: Masaru Koshimizu
  Director (non-full-time): Yasuyuki Higuchi
  Standing Statutory Auditor: Akira Watanabe
  Standing Statutory Auditor: Akira Shimizu
  Statutory Auditor: Yasumasa Tomioka
  Statutory Auditor:

Takako Sugaya

[Candidate to be Newly Appointed as a Director]
Masaru Koshimizu
Born on August 20, 1969
April 1993 Entered Map International Co., Ltd.
June 2000 Entered TVS Co., Ltd.
October 2001 Entered Cable and Wireless IDC Inc.
May 2003 Entered Japan Telecom Network Information Service Co., Ltd.
August 2005 Entered Faith Inc.
January 2007 An Executive Officer of Faith Inc. (Present post)
[Candidate to be Newly Appointed as a Director]
Yasuyuki Higuchi
Born on November 28, 1957
April 1980 Entered Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
April 1992 Entered The Boston Consulting Group Inc.
July 1994 Entered Apple Computer, Inc.
July 1997 Entered Compaq Computer K.K.
Served concurrently as chief of consumer product division and chief of PC
product division at Compaq Computer K.K.
October 1999 EDO of Consumer Business Division at Compaq Computer K.K.
June 2000 A vice-president of Compaq Computers Corporation at the USA headquarters.
May 2003 President of Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
May 2005 President of Daiei Inc.
March 2007 A Representative Executive Officer/COO of Microsoft Corporation (Present post)
[Candidate to be Newly Appointed as a Statutory Auditor]
Akira Watanabe
Born on October 31, 1946
June 1969 Entered Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation.
July 1983 An assistant to director in charge of fund accounting at Japan Tobacco and Salt Public Corporation.
July 1994 General Manager of public relations at Japan Tobacco, Inc.
June 1996 A member of board at Japan Tobacco, Inc.
General Manager, Yokohama branch of Japan Tobacco, Inc.
June 1999 Executive Vice President of Japan Tobacco, Inc.
June 2001 CEO of Tokkyo Shiki Co., Ltd.
January 2003 Non-executive advisor of Tokkyo Shiki Co., Ltd.
June 2005 A standing auditor of Total Media Development Institute Co., Ltd.
[Candidate to be Newly Appointed as a Statutory Auditor]
Takako Sugaya
Born on September 20, 1972
October 2002 Registered as a lawyer (Daini Tokyo Bar Association)
October 2002 Entered Hideo Yamada Law Firm.
January 2004 Name of the law firm changed to Yamada-Ozaki Law Firm. (Present post)
September 2004 Part-time temporary staff at Keio Law School (Present post)
June 2006 An auditor at Keywalker, Inc. (Present post)
December 2006 A visiting professor at Toin University of Yokohama, Law School. (Present post)
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