Mobile Game Audio Gets Boost from Faith Westfs mXMFTool and New
Royalty-Free Game Sounds Collection
Former Moderati Technical Unit Translates Ringtone Expertise
to Games, Bringing PC- Like Audio to Cellphone Entertainment
San Francisco- June 12, 2007--- Mobile content technology developer Faith West Inc., ghereinafter referred to as Faith Westh from which leading ringtone services provider Moderati Inc. ghereinafter refferd to as Moderati Inc.h spun-off, is now applying its considerable mobile audio prowess to the game industry.

This month, Faith West is introducing a remarkable improvement in audio quality with their new product, mXMFTool. This new tool leverages the flexibility of open standards, allowing developers to create robust ringtones, mobile game audio and other applications. Faith West is also bundling a library of 125 royalty-free mobile game audio sound effects with mXMFTool, making it easier than ever for developers to enhance the mobile game experiences for their consumers. These in-house sound files include animal noises, human actions, sports effects, weapons, vehicular noises, and environmental tones in standard DLS format. Because the collectionfs offerings are license-free, developers can add sounds to their applications with or without customization.

"Increasingly, we've found that customers want to include more and more sophisticated audio in their applications," says Haruko Kurata, Director of Faith West, "and mXMFTool allows developers to make highly creative use of their limited resources."

gRight now, mXMF is doing for audio what 3G is doing for data. Sound designers can generate as realistic a level of sound as MP3, while keeping file sizes small and as easy to manipulate as MIDI."

mXMFTool is also optimized for use with the Qualcomm® CMX multimedia engine software, which is installed on more than 200 million handsets worldwide. Developers can preview content using the CMX emulator, as well as check compatibility with CMXbased phones. mXMFTool is the only XMF/DLS authoring tool that features CMX emulation.

This flexibility makes mXMFTool one of the first comprehensive tools of its kind for creating these new sound formats. With an intuitive UI and a robust feature set that includes batch XMF conversion, DLS file size optimization, wave editing and CMX compatibility, it's expected to have high uptake among developers eager to add sounds that match their visions.

mXMFTool is one of many new innovations from Faith West, which first launched polyphonic ringtones service under the Modtones? brand in June 2002 and quickly became an industry leader in mobile content. The company changed its name to Moderati, Inc. in March 2005, while remaining a subsidiary of Faith, Inc. In February 2007, BellRock Media, Inc. purchased Moderatifs content business.
About Faith West
Faith West Inc. was founded in May 2002 as the US-based subsidiary of Japanese polyphonic ringtones pioneer Faith, Inc. ghereinafter referred to as Faithh. Having built relationships with carriers like NTT DoCoMo and KDDI, Faith established Faith West to deliver mobile content to U.S. consumers and support the licensing of Faithfs global software-based sound solutions for mobile communications devices. Faith West also provides technology licensees with market support and authoring tools to create mobile content and services, including the CMX multimedia format developed by QUALCOMM Inc.

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