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GIGA Networks Starts Pay-Per-View Distribution of a New Content for Mobile Phones and PCs
- Exclusive Footage of a Radio Comedy Programme gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatchah of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting is Now Available. -
Tokyo-5 November, 2007---GIGA Networks, Inc.(GIGA Networks, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Keizo Odori) which is a subsidiary of Faith Inc.(Faith) and specializes content distribution service for mobile phones starts distribution of gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatchah related contents on gChakushin Melody GIGAh*1, an official site of i-mode, for mobile phones and PCs in cooperation with Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.(Nippon Cultural Broadcasting) and Yoshimoto Fandango Co., Ltd. gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatchah is a radio programme(Navigators: Robert, King Kong, Impulse) currently broadcasted by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. The contents to distribute include videos of gags on the show and other talks exclusive to this service.

gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatchah series on gChakushin Melody GIGAh is a project goes simultaneously with the radio programme. It distributes the guest comediansf jokes broadcasted on the radio, and navigatorsf behind-the-scene talks shot during the recording. As this service uses a new authentication technology called Near Field Rights Management® (NFRM.) developed by Faith, once a user purchases the right of a content on his/her mobile phone, he/she may view the video on both the mobile phone and PC. Some of the contents are listed on Faith's gKAZAS Channelh*2 launches today, a total portal site for mobile phones and deals with contents corresponding NFRM.

gChakushin Melody GIGAh has already been distributing variety of contents corresponding NFRM such as documentary programmes about wonders of nature and drama series. Further increase of the wide-ranging video contents for distribution is expected.

*1 gChakushin Melody GIGAh
An official site of i-mode and EZweb which provides ring-tones, ring-songs, and other various entertainment contents such as emoticons, horoscopes, games, and videos.
*2 gKAZAS Channelh
An official site of i-mode run by Faith. It is a total portal site for mobile phones and deals with image contents corresponding NFRM.
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1) Content
-Guest comediansf jokes broadcasted on gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatcha,h a radio programme
-The navigatorsf behind-the-scene talks

gGatcha, Gatcha, Gatchah Programme Information
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting 1134kHz
Mon., Tue., Wed. 24.35-24.55 weekly
-Mon. Robert
-Tue. King Kong
-Wed. Impulse

2) How to Use
Access to NFRM Corner on gChakushin Melody GIGAh (GIGA Rainbow)

3) Method of Access
<i-mode> i-mode menu : iMenu -> Menu / Search -> Ring-Tone / Karaoke -> J-POP -> gChakushin Melody GIGAh (GIGA Rainbow)
œRead the QR Code placed right, and top page of gChakushin Melody GIGAh URL is shown.
(Only available for the models with function of QR code reader)
<QR code>
Corner URL

4) Charge
-Chakushin Melody GIGA Rainbow: \315.(300points)/ \525.(500points) a month (tax inclusive)
* Membership registration is necessary. Downloaded to terminals for mobile phones. Streaming preview for PC.

<NFRM short>
Price: 150 points (footage less than 30 seconds)
Period of viewing on mobile phone: None (Re-downloadable period: 14 days from purchase)
Period of viewing on PC: None

<NFRM long>
Price: \150. - \500. (footage between 31 seconds and 40 minutes, pricing depends on the length and the content value)
Period of viewing on mobile phone: 14 days from purchase (Re-downloadable period: 14 days from purchase)
Period of viewing on PC: 14 days from purchase

gChakushin Melody GIGAh Home Page for PC
* You may find the summary of the contents, but purchase is only available from mobile phones (i-mode, EZweb.)
About Faith Inc.(stock code, 4295; 1st section of TSE)
Faith is a pioneer of the ringtone business for the mobile phones. Originally, the concept of gringtoneh started from this company. It commercialized the idea, and expanded the business not only within Japan, but also into the 21 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and South America. Moreover, the company provides the wide-ranging services such as on-line game and music distribution, and issuance of the electronic money to settle e-commerce shopping. In future, Faith aims to provide the higher added-value service through the creation of ga new scheme for the distribution of the digital contenth in the global scale in various environments such as mobile phones and PCs.
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About GIGA Networks Inc.
In addition to providing ringtone distribution services for mobile phones, GIGA Networks undertakes planning, development, and distribution of entertainment content such as films, music, and concert information. gChakushin Melody GIGAh, which started in September 1999 as an i-mode menu site providing ringtone services, currently boasts a paid-membership of more than 3 million subscribers. By making use of the users reach, GIGA Networks expands and promotes high value-added services for future generation.
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