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Faith to team up with Credit Saison for mobile contents distribution service
|Launch of new site "Eikyufumetsu Contents" under SAISON EikyufumetsuPoints scheme|
Tokyo-February 13, 2008 --- By teaming up with Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Credit Saison) in the field of contents distribution service, Faith, Inc. (Faith) today starts the provision of "Eikyufumetsu Contents," a mobile contents distribution site, exclusive to Net Answer*1 members (SAISON Card Net members.) The site is eligible for accrual of SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points*2 (SAISON Permanent points) depending on the amount of payment, plus bonus opportunities for extra points. SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points can be redeemed for selection of gifts. Faith is to expand this service to approximately 26 million members of Credit Saison.

The abundant lineup of "Eikyufumetsu Contents" for distribution includes comics, games, horoscope, and columns targeting women such as aroma therapy, nail art, and romance. Users pay in Coin (a virtual currency) to purchase the contents. Contents Points which is credited on the purchase of Coin may be converted into the equivalent of SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points in unit of 50 points. Besides the purchase of Coin, chances of getting extra Contents Points will be provided by winning bonus points on various promotions. New addition of downloadable contents are soon expected. Deco-Mail (mobile pictogram), ringtones, dramas, and films are among them.

If you have your mobile phone with you, rich lineup of "Eikyufumetsu Contents" is accessible whenever and wherever you are. Faith believes that the company is able to contribute to help users realizing a fulfilling lifestyle by providing services which enable them to use limited leisure time efficiently in the fast-paced modern world.

*1 About Net Answer
Internet service of SAISON Card. Registration is free of charge for SAISON Card holders.
For more information, visit@(Japanese site)

*2 About SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points
Parmanent credit card points for SAISON Card holders. 1 SAISON Eikyufumetsu Point is accrued for payment of 1,000 Yen. Selection of gift items may be exchanged with 200 points or more.
ŸAccess to "Eikyufumetsu Contents"
*Registration for Net Answer of SAISON Card is required.
<QR Code>

ŸInstruction for "Eikyufumetsu Contents"
Purchasing Coin necessary to download contents. 1 Coin is equivalent of 1 Yen (exclucive of Tax.)
Flat-rate Coin Courses are arranged as 300 Coins, 500 Coins, 1,000 Coins, and 3,000 Coins. Additional purchase is available.

ŸHow to exchange Contents Points into SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points
1 Contents Point is credited for the purchase of 1,000 Coins. Contents Points may be converted into the equivalent of SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points. Minimum exchange unit is 50 Contents Points. If Coin is purchased by SAISON Card, both SAISON Eikyufumetsu Points and Contents Points will be credited.
*Contents Points is credited for the purchase under 1,000 Coins.
e.g. Purchase of 300 Coins -> accrual of 0.3 Contents Points

ŸOpening Campaign
The opening campaign starts today. Sign up for one of the flat-rate Coin Courses by the end of March, and win extra bonus points!

ŸFrom the Lineup
Comic: Itazura na Kiss, Darling wa Gaikokujin
Game: Space Invader, Puzzle Boblle, Densha de Go!
Column: aroma therapy, nail art, romance
Horoscope: Stella Kaoruko no Shiawase ni Naru Uranai
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Faith is a pioneer of ringtone business for mobile phones. Originally, the concept of gringtoneh started from this company. It commercialized the idea, and expanded the business not only within Japan, but also into the 21 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and South America. Moreover, the company provides wide range of services such as on-line game and music distribution, and issuance of electronic money to settle e-commerce. In future, Faith aims to provide the higher added-value service through the creation of ga new scheme for the distribution of digital contentsh in the global scale in various environments such as mobile phones and PCs.
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