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WebMoney and Suruga Bank to Launch "Debit@" Service
- New Electronic Money based Debit Settlement is Easy to use, Convenient, and Worry-free from over spending -
Tokyo, February 25, 2008---WebMoney Corporation (WebMoney, Head office at Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO/President; Tatsuya Mizoguchi) and Suruga Bank Ltd. (Suruga Bank, Head office at Numazu, Shizuoka, President/CEO; Mitsuyoshi Okano) announced today that two companies are to launch jointly a new debit settlement service named "Debit@" from April 8, 2008.

What is "Debit@"?
"Debit@" is a new settlement service developed by WebMoney and Suruga Bank. WebMoney specializes in issuance and sales of WebMoney, an electronic money, as well as provision of electronic settlement using the currency. Suruga Bank issues "VISA Debit Card" as part of its businesses.
All the transactions made by "Debit@" at WebMoney partner vendors will be settled immediately by direct debit, rather than prepayment or credit payment.

Benefits of gDebit@ Settlement"
*Easy ... 16 digit prepaid number is not required when you shop at WebMoney partner vendors.
*Convenient ... You don't have to purchase "value" beforehand.
*Worry-free ... As you can set a maximun amount of spending, you don't have to worry about spending over the budget.
*When you make any purchase at WebMoney partner vendors, the payment is debited at the point from your current account at Suruga Bank.

How to use "Debit@ Settlement"
Step1 ... Choose WebMoney Settlement when you shop on-line.
Step2 ... Choose "Debit@ Settlement" on methods of WebMoney Settlement, and execute login.
Step3 ... Confirm the details of the transaction, and click "completion."

What is "Debit@ Card"?
Using "Debit@ Card," You can make cash deposites and withdrawals of your Suruga Bank account via cash machines at many of the banks and convenience stores.
You can use "Debit@ Card" for payment at the vendors with VISA sign.

How to apply for a "Debit@ Card"?
Visit http//, a dedicated website, then fill out and submit the online application form. (Registration of User ID and Password is necessary.)
Then your current account at Suruga Bank will be set up, and you will receive your "Debit@ Card."
1. The application will be accepted from 8 April, 2008.
2. Applicants must be 15 years of age or older (excludes junior high school students.)

"Debit@ Card" partnership with VISA
You can enjoy cashless shopping using your "Debit@ Card"at VISA member shops all over the world.
1. Payment is debited from your Sugaru Bank account. Sufficient funds must be deposited prior to any purchases.
2. This is not a credit card service.

Cash machine network of "Debit@ Card"
Using "Debit@ Card," You can make cash deposites and withdrawals of your Suruga Bank account without transaction charges via cash machines of Suruga Bank, Japan Post Bank, Seven Bank, E-net, and Town Network Service.
In addition, you can withdraw your money via cash machines of various financial institutions as follows: city banks, regional banks, trust and banking companies, 2nd-tier regional banks, shinkin banks, industrial banks, Japan Agricultural/Fisheries Cooperatives, CITIBANK, and AEON Bank.
* Opening hours and transaction charges depend on the financial institutions.
* E-net cash machines are installed at convenience stores as follows: FamilyMart, Ministop, Circle K Sunkus, Three F, Save On, Community Store, Poplar, Seikatsu Saika, Daily Yamazaki, and Seicomart.
* Town Network Service cash machines are available at Three F.
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