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Tie-in with "One Seg" makes viewing of VOD content on mobile phone and on PC possible
|Nippon Television, Faith, and NTT SMARTCONNECT carry out joint demonstration|
Tokyo@-@March 11, 2008 --- Nippon Television Network Corporation (Nippon Television), Faith, Inc. (Faith), and NTT SMARTCONNECT Corporation (NTT SMARTCONNECT) are to carry out a joint demonstration of a Video on Demand (VOD) content playback using "One Seg" broadcasting at NTV DIGITAL MEDIA EXHIBITION 2008 (Digi-Tech 2008)*1, a media technology exhibition organized by Nippon Television. One Seg, or one-segment broadcasting is a mobile terrestrial digital data broadcasting service. At this open experiment prior to the provision of commercial service, the three companies shows a process that a viewer of One Seg broadcasting receives a content related to the programme, and can play it back on mobile phone and also on PC with easy operation.

Firstly, a viewer receives a viewing right information of Special VOD content on the mobile phone while watching One Seg programme. By using the viewing right information recorded on the mobile phone, the viewer can playback the Special VOD content through streaming anytime the viewer wishes. Furthermore, the viewer can enjoy the Special VOD content in high definition on PC's wide screen by holding the mobile phone over the PC.

TV stations modern days have been striving to reach end users in various platforms and environments. By using a mobile phone as a connector, this innovative video distribution solution enables these TV programmes to reach PC, mobile phone, and other terminals through various networks.
yDivision of roles among the participating companiesz
  Division of roles, contents provided Description
Nippon Television Content for one-segment broadcastingSpecial VOD contentData broadcasting technology Proven experiences and abundant expertise of broadcasting for TV and mobile phone
Faith Authentication management utilizing NFRM*2Content playback technology on mobile phone and PC Improving portability of content viewingTightening protection of content rightSimple and reliable charging system
NTT SMARTCONNECT Video content distribution platform for mobile phone and PCStreaming distribution technology
Realizing fast and stable content distribution
The realization of VOD content viewed on mobile phone and on PC tying-in with One Seg is able to increase environments dramatically by getting rid of ristrictions in terms of places and terminals. Nippon Television, Faith, and NTT SMARTCONNECT aim for development and provision of more convenient services which connect broadcasting and communication networks.
*1 Digi-Tech 2008
The exhibition on technologies for media industry is held on March 12-14, 2008 at Nippon Television Tower (Shiodome, Tokyo.) Many technology researches Nippon Television is currently working on are exhibited in an intelligible way. The exhibition includes Nippon Television's approach to today's hot topics such as Second Life, a 3-D virtual world, and One Seg broadcasting.
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*2 About NFRM
It is an innovative content distribution service that connects mobile phones and digital devices by utilizing the authentication technology named Near Field Rights ManagementR (NFRM) developed by Faith. Contents purchased at mobile phones are not only viewed on the mobile phones, but viewed on other digital equipments as well without any hassle by just holding the mobile phones over them.
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