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Faith Reorganizes Content Distribution Service Business in China
-Accelerating the business expansion by merging AnyMusic, a subsidiary specializing
content distribution service in China, with ROJAM Group in Hong Kong-
Tokyo- 7 September, 2007---Faith, Inc. (Faith) has agreed to sell AnyMusic Limited (AnyMusic,) which is 100% subsidiary of Faith and provides content distribution service in China, to ROJAM Group which deals entertainment business in Asia and Faith holds 29% of its share. By unifying the AnyMusic's business in China and ROJAM Group's market in Asia, Faith plans to accelerate the growth of its content distribution service business all over Asia including China.

AnyMusic has been providing the distribution service of the mobile content such as ringtone, songtone and wallpaper to the Chinese market through the mobile communication carrier giants such as China Mobile and China Unicom which cover the vast nation. At present, it is ranked in top places on China Unicomfs ringtone distribution service.

ROJAM was founded in January 1998 under the concept of being a "Major Entertainment Network in Asia," aiming for providing ample contents of music and entertainments in high-quality to the audience. At present, it operates content distribution service and runs discotheques in Asia. It also throws strength into the creation of original content in China and discovering the in-house artists.

As China is on the way to make the shift to the 3G communication age, predicted are, firstly, the entry of other mobile communication carriers into the market which would dissolve the oligopoly by China Mobile and China Unicom, then the surge of rich content distribution all over. As a result, it is expected to generate further vitalization of the mobile content market. In China, we will face the tougher competition as the market grows. To expand the business under such circumstances, it is essential to provide unique service by holding rights of the original content in high demand.
The aim of this unification is to assemble the strengths of all the parties involved, that is, AnyMusic's content distribution performance, Faith's high ability of content production, distribution technology, and operation know-how, and ROJAM's content planning and production, and marketing skill. It will enable Faith Group to increase its presence in the content distribution market not only in China, but throughout Asia, and to accelerate the growth of its corporate value.
(Code number 8075 listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange GEM Market)
ROJAM Group is an overall entertainment company and is expanding its business throughout Asia. Its main business is entertainment content distribution, discotheques management and other businesses related to music and entertainment.
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About AnyMusic
With 430 million mobile phone subscribers, China is the worldfs biggest market and AnyMusic is a driving force in the content market in China. It covers the whole nation and operates a content distribution service offering ringtones, mobile phone wallpaper, news, games and so on to major mobile communication carriers such as China Mobile (270 million subscribers) and China Unicom (150 million subscribers). At present, it is ranked in top places on China Unicomfs ringtone distribution service, and China Mobilefs and China Unicomfs mobile phone wallpaper.
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About Faith, Inc.
(Stock code, 4295; 1st section of TSE)
Faith is the pioneer of the ringtone business for the mobile phones. Originally, the concept of ringtone distribution started from this company. It commercialized the idea, and expanded the business not only within Japan, but also into the 21 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and South America. Moreover, the company provides the wide-ranging services such as on-line game and music distribution, and issuance of the electric money to settle e-commerce shopping. In future, Faith aims to provide the higher added-value service through the creation of ga new scheme for the distribution of the digital contenth in the global scale in various environments such as mobile phones and PCs.
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