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Faith Accelerates Diffusion of its Video Viewing Application to Improve NFRM Service Environment
-Talk shows by Yoshimoto comedians and Dramas are auto playable on the new VAIO with the preinstalled application-
Tokyo-10 September, 2007---Faith, Inc. (Faith) accelerates improvement of NFRM service environment in accordance with the preinstall of an application called "NFRM PC Viewer" which enables to play video contents compatible with Near Field Rights Management® (NFRMTM,) *1 a new authentication technology developed by Faith, on Sony Corporationfs (Sony) latest model of VAIO Autumn 2007*2 started the sales of which this month. The preinstalled application make possible to turn on gNFRM PC Viewerh automatically and the user can watch the video on PCs just by placing Osaifu-Keitai (mobile with settlement function), through which video content is purchased, over FeliCa *3 Port mounted on VAIO. *4

Faith has been working on full-scale promotion of "NFRM service," an inovative scheme of video content distribution which allows users to watch the video contents purchased via mobiles not only on the mobile but on the PC's bigger screen. Since the great success of the demonstration test conducted from March this year, Faith has been firmly promotiong the utilization of this technology. In June, for instance, GIGA Networks, Inc. (GIGA Networks,) a subsidiary of Faith launched a service commercializing NFRM. Various video contents compatible with NFRM are able to play and watch on gNFRM PC Viewerh. The contents include Talk shows by Yoshimoto comedians provided on i-mode official site gChakushin-Melody (ringtone) GIGAh and gYoshimoto Show-Room (comedy site)h run by GIGA Networks and Dramas provided by Desperado Inc a subsidiary of Faith.

Sony mounts Felica Port, the reader /writer, on VAIO to provides user-friendly system which makes the settlement and management by electric money such us gEdy Cardh and gOsaifu Keitaih easier.

With the preinstall of gNFRM PC Viewerh on new VAIO this time, NFRM users can enjoy the video contents purchased via the mobile with Osaifu Keitai just by gplacing overh it on the PC. "NFRM PC Viewer" is also utilized as a standard viewer in playing video contents corresponding with NFRM, which vastly improves the convenience of the NFRM users. Faith will promote improvement of the NFRM service environment on the platforms such as PCs, mobiles, and home electronics to spread NFRM further.
Faith will keep providing the scheme to bridge between rights holders of the content who seek for secure digital distribution and the users who seek for high standard of convenience, and will lead the expansion of digital distribution market.
*1 About NFRM service
This is a new content distribution service that ties mobile phones to PCs and uses the rights authentication technology Near Field Rights Management›R(NFRM), which was developed by Faith. The first verification test was successful. It was conducted from March to June, 2007 in cooperation with Intel Corporation and Yoshimoto Kogyo. Co., Ltd. Currently a NFRM-related patent has been submitted.

*2 For information about new model of Sony VAIO, please refer to the URL below.

*3 About Felica
FeliCa is a non-contact IC card technology system with in-built memory and wireless communication chips. The card can be cast over a reader for handling data such as settlement of payment transactions. It has a security mechanism that makes it difficult to forge or reconstruct, and is the worldfs first ISO/IEC15408EAL-certified non-contact card. Since FeliCa enables one card to handle multiple types of data, it can create a card for performing various functions such as electronic money, pre-paid card for public transportation, employee ID card, student ID card, entry/exit pass, etc. These data are managed independently within the FeliCa chip, being possible to set individual access rights, and enabling safe interoperation among a variety of services.
œ gFelicah, gVAIOh are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

*4 For rights authentication and viewing of the purchased video content, it is necessary to be connected to broadband.
¡Content selection:
gSenjo-no Girls' Life (Girls on the ballet field)h (20 episodes) Desperado, Inc.
The lives of four girls living together in a two-bedroom-flat get out of order as if it were a battlefield.

gUranai-shi Tenjin (Fortune teller, Tenjin)h (10 episodes) Desperado, Inc. .
Tenjin the Fortune-Teller Series, Katagiri of gRamensh tries action. Haruna Yabuki cosplays every episode. Other celebs appear as well!..

gTurban Noguchih MVP, Inc.
Noguchi Hideyo is a renowned doctor printed on a \1,000 bill with dignity, and hey presto, he turns into a guy in turban!

gNational Geographic Channelh News Broadcasting Japan Co., Ltd.
Documentaries about nature, wildlife, and technology on the earth.

gYoshimoto Haneteru Talk Shuh Fandango, Inc.
Talk shows hosted by Yoshimoto comedians such as Oriental Radio, Tutorial, Morisantyu, and Regular.
About Faith, Inc.
(Stock code: 4295, TSE 1st section)
Faith is the pioneer of the ringtone business for the mobile phones. Originally, the concept of ringtone distribution started from this company. It commercialized the idea, and expanded the business not only within Japan, but also into the 21 countries throughout the world, including North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and South America. Moreover, the company provides the wide-ranging services such as on-line game and music distribution, and issuance of the electric money to settle e-commerce shopping. In future, Faith aims to provide the higher added-value service through the creation of ga new scheme for the distribution of the digital contenth in the global scale in various environments such as mobile phones and PCs.
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About GIGA Networks, Inc.
In addition to providing ringtone distribution services for mobile phones, GIGA Networks (head quarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President Keizo Odori, Shareholers: Faith, Inc. 95.4%, Yoshimoto Kogyo, Co., Ltd. 4.6%) undertakes planning, development, and distribution of entertainment content such as movies, music, and concert information. gRingtone GIGAh, which started in September 1999 as an i-mode site providing ringtone services, currently boasts a paid-membership of over 3 million subscribers. By making use of the users reach, GIGA Networks expands and promotes high value-added services for future generation.
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About Desperado, Inc.
Desperado, Inc. was established in August 2006 through joint investment by companies such as Faith and Amuse Group. In addition to established ways of distribution such as producing/financing, purchasing, disbributing/advertising films and videos, it develops a new system of video distribution other than the conventional route by undertaking production of videos and digital distribution.
In addition, it provides appropriate incentives with the aim of nurturing and retaining new, talented creators that enables mass-production of high-quality video products. Based on these new challenges, the company plans to develop its video business that will enable it to maximize the copyrights. Desperado provides films and other products for the NFRM test.
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