Faith, Inc.

Privacy Statement

Hajime Hirasawa

C.E.O./President Faith, Inc.

As communication methods via internet and mobile phones have been developed and spread, we can now transfer and exchange variety of information and data easily and borderlessly. We now think that it is our social responsibility and mission to manage and handle the personal information more carefully and properly than ever.

In this information technology era, Faith has deployed the management system including formulating and updating rules (hereinafter referred to as "the Privacy Management System") to protect personal information properly, considering scale or content of each service.

As part of the Privacy Management System, we hereby design and implement our Privacy Statement as follows:

  1. We collect, use and provide your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Management System.
  2. We use your personal information to the extent necessary to accomplish the purpose you have provided consent, and would not use it for any other purpose. Moreover, we consider and take appropriate measures to prevent the information from being used for the purpose other than the original intent.
  3. Besides technical protection, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to prevent the site from unauthorized access, loss, damages, falsification and leak of personal information, etc., in our network system storing personal information, we strengthen the internal management system to safeguard your personal information both technically and administratively.
  4. We disclose, correct and cease the use of personal information, when so requested in person, within a reasonable period after identify verification.
  5. We adhere any and all laws, regulations or guidelines of Japanese government pertaining to the protection of personal information. Besides, we regularly review the Privacy Management System in view of the environmental changes.
  6. We may use cookies to better understand web site usage so that we offer more satisfactory products and services. A "Cookie" means kind of data that our web site may provide to your browser. We use cookies to know what areas of our site the users prefer and to provide proper and valuable information to you. Faith Group's web sites often provide links to third party web sites. We are not responsible for their privacy practices.
  7. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact via » nquiry form.

Matters to be made available to the public in accordance with "Private Information Protection Law"