Ever since its initial start-up period, Faith has been engaged in creating and building contents distribution systems such as devising and commercializing the world's first ringtone melody system for mobile phone use and firmly establishing this system in approximately 100 countries as a new cultural import from Japan. Under a corporate philosophy of "Don't pursue what already exists. Create something original," Faith is working to develop its business globally in the entertainment, education, life and other fields, based on its competence of "sound" together with the other companies in the Faith Group that possess the functions necessary to operate distribution platforms, beginning with Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
In the future too, the Faith Group will continue to provide solutions ranging from music and video production to distribution system construction, delivery and sale, thereby creating market and cultural value for society.



Faith is engaged in technology licensing from the standpoint of creating contents distribution systems. For example, in order to reproduce contents such as music on a mobile phone, diverse elements such as technologies for ensuring high-quality and highly functional content production are essential. Faith develops these things and then deploys them round the world. Moreover, in addition to the construction of a music content distribution system, Faith is currently developing and providing optimized content distribution platforms that are designed to handle diversifying contents such as video, medical information, etc.

<Multi-Content and Multi-Platform Strategy>
Faith is promoting the creation of new content distribution under its Multi-Content and Multi-Platform Strategy of creating an environment that allows people to enjoy a wide diversity of contents whenever and wherever they choose not only on mobile devices but also on a PC, game equipment, TV, car navigation system, network audio system, etc.

■Fans™ — a Platform Integrating a Full Range of Music Business Functions

These days, the points of contact between artists and their fans are not limited only to purchasing or renting CDs or DVDs, but also include streaming and downloading of music and music videos via the internet, enrolment in fan clubs, attending live performances and other artist events, purchasing artist goods, etc. Faith developed Fans™ as a platform that brings together all the diverse functions of the music business into a one-stop service by incorporating each of these contact points and providing them to artists.


■Ecommerce and Mail Order Platform

In this ecommerce and mail order system, jointly with Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd., Faith provides a comprehensive system that supports everything from website construction through order management, shipping management, inventory management and sales management in a single package.
◎Actual example/commerce: Columbia Music Shop,

Catalogue/Mail Order “Oto no Rakuten”

Ecommerce and Mail Order Platform

■Sound Source and Ringtone Melody Platform

As a one-stop solution, Faith is providing a series of sound source technologies to allow users to download and reproduce music content data such as ringtone melodies, etc.

Sound Source and Ringtone Melody Platform

Faith is sending out ringtone melodies, which represent a new form of culture from Japan, by expanding its licensing business to include the incorporation of this technology into a semiconductor-based “ringtone melody platform”, and this innovation has taken root as a system for sound reproduction currently employed in around 9 billion mobile devices in around 100 countries around the world.

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Faith supports music production in a wide range of styles and formats such as lyrics, composition, arranging, recording, BGM, SE, and MIDI production. In an integrated fashion, the Company handles everything from direction in the studio to delivering the final data, including selecting, booking and recording voice actors and narrators, as well as recording live performances by studio musicians and symphony orchestras.


■Ringtone Melody and Karaoke Data Production

In ringtone data production, for which Faith provides large quantities of pre-set contents, we have accumulated a record of producing more than 150 terminals for customers both in Japan and overseas. We are also engaged in the production of music boxes equipped with ringtone melodies, etc., customized according to the customer’s request, as well as in the production of communication karaoke data, and in the business of encoding musical compositions to match the needs of various platforms.


■Entertainment-Type Musical Composition Production

In response to requests from clients, Faith handles all kinds of music production tasks for the production of background music and sound effects used in games and amusement machines ranging from recording voice actors and producing original vocal songs and incidental music to the production of copies or novel arrangements of existing musical compositions, etc., while engaging in successive meetings with clients based on the concept of each request.


■Copyright Processing Business

Faith supplies and accepts a wide variety of copyright (neighboring rights) relating to music and video distribution processing operations at low cost by utilizing its own in-house-developed copyright processing and management system. Furthermore, the Company handles the new song registration work that is carried out for each music distribution service and the production of reports based on its actual performance.

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