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Why can we download ringtone through a mobile phone?

i-mode and EZweb use the Faith mobile technology in their harmonized ringing melody download services.
For example, we can play a music CD with any manufactures' players. We can do this because the format of the music CD is standardized. For the mobile phone, however, manufactures had used different formats, so a user could not share and enjoy the same data with another manufacturer's mobile phone. To solve this problem, in 1999, Faith came up with the idea of standarizing the music data format such as the one used for ringtones. With this new technological concept and proposal, Faith became the true Pioneer in mobile phone contents format. In 2002, Europe, North America, and Asia also started using this format.
If your mobile phone uses the harmonized ringing melody, you are listening to the sound created based on Faith's mobile solution.*1

*1: NTT Docomo, au/KDDI, TU-KA, KPN mobile, E-Plus, KG Telecom, Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, China Mobile, China Unicom, Vodafone, etc.

Faith makes the best use of technology to create and generate new business (delete market). By using the Faith technology,the ringtone market in Japan has expanded and shares the top in the domestic digital contents market, reaching 100 billion yen.

- JOYSOUND[melo x uta]

JOYSOUND[melo x uta] is the first site that enabled NTT DOCOMO's i-mode users to download polyphonic ringtones. JOYSOUND[melo x uta] has grown into one of the biggest site with several million subscribers*2 in Japan, and has attained first place for NTT DOCOMO's ringtone category.
The service is provided also for other providers including au by KDDI, SoftBank, WILLCOM and e-mobile. (Operated by: XING Inc.)

Researched by XING

- JOYSOUND[karaoke]

JOYSOUND[karaoke] was launched to provide users with full-chorus Karaoke anytime, anywhere via mobile phones. Based on the skills the company cultivated through the ringtone business, this Karaoke services was realized utilizing application for mobile phone.
It also offers movie Karaoke and now it is highly regarded as an excellent Karaoke practice site.

Available on NTT DOCOMO, au by KDDI and SoftBank (Operated by: XING Inc.)

- JOYSOUND[Gita Navi]

JOYSOUND[Gita Navi] is a site to support guitar practice targeting from beginner to advanced players. The site has been expanding and offers comprehensive services such as over 10,000 guitar codes covering various kinds of genre, whether new or old, Western or Japanese-style songs as well as beginners' lessons.
Application for guitar practice is also provided.

Available on NTT DOCOMO, au by KDDI and SoftBank (Operated by: XING Inc.)

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