Ever since its initial start-up period, Faith has been engaged in creating and building contents distribution systems such as devising and commercializing the world's first ringtone melody system for mobile phone use and firmly establishing this system in approximately 100 countries as a new cultural import from Japan. Under a corporate philosophy of "Don't pursue what already exists. Create something original," Faith is working to develop its business globally in the entertainment, education, life and other fields, based on its competence of "sound" together with the other companies in the Faith Group that possess the functions necessary to operate distribution platforms, beginning with Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
In the future too, the Faith Group will continue to provide solutions ranging from music and video production to distribution system construction, delivery and sale, thereby creating market and cultural value for society.

Content distribution business

We are developing businesses related to content distribution, such as distribution of music and videos through company-operated websites and apps, app development and music provision to the world.

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Media business

We operate a comprehensive music-related media that delivers the latest music news, artist interviews, live reports, etc. in Japan and overseas.

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D2C solution business

We provide a variety of services that support the creation of fans for artists and companies, such as providing places where artists can connect directly with users and operating a casting site.

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Record company, Management, Production business

In addition to music software planning, production and sales, artist management, we also produce a variety of BGM for game machines and other amusement machines, sound effects, audio recordings, and video.

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Store solution business

We provide services that support store operations through commercial BGM and point services.

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Related business

We are developing music-related businesses such as live house management.

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