Faith, Inc.


  • 1990~
  • 2000~
  • 2010~
  • 2020~
  • Faith, Inc. established in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto with a paid-in capital of 10 million yen.
  • Started package sales of in-house produced MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) music data under the in-house brand name PROLINKS'.
  • Started the first* commercial distribution for MIDI music data in Japan in partnership with NIFTY Corporation.
  • Established a Tokyo office in Akasaka, Minato-ku.
  • Joined the world's first* Tsushin Karaoke System (Communication Karaoke System) (a joint development of three companies: PIONEER CORPORATION, KK Nikkodo (now XING INC.), and TOEI VIDEO COMPANY, LTD.), producing more than 300 songs monthly.
  • Started importing music-use CD-ROM discs in partnership with major UK music publishing company Music Sales Limited.
  • Started the world's first* home-use internet karaoke service LANA Online City, jointly with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
  • Commercialized the PC software sound source technology WebSynth.
  • Started the internet karaoke service KaraOK!, which utilized Faith's tone generator and distribution technology, jointly with current day So-net Corporation.
  • Commercialized WebAudio, a sound distribution technology for which basic development was carried out jointly with Prof. Yamasaki of Waseda University.
  • Began licensing WebSynth to Onkyo Corporation as a soundboard for personal computer use.
  • Started the world's first* vocal chorus distribution service with internet karaoke service KaraOK!, which put Faith's sound distribution technology WebAudio into commercial use.
  • Began providing the internet MIDI distribution service Faith MIDI Station, with over 30,000 music data samples, jointly with now So-net Corporation.
  • Faith's proposed mobile phone-use music format CompactMIDI was adopted by NTT DOCOMO, INC. as its MFi (Melody Format for i-mode) and both companies signed a consultation contract. This format was then implemented by all mobile phone makers in japan.
  • Entered into a license agreement with Qualcomm Incorporated (the developer of CDMA, which has the top share of the North American market). Qualcomm adopted "CompactMIDI" (a MIDI format optimized for mobile phones developed by Faith) for their multimedia platform technology CMX (Compact Media Extension).
  • Faith's proposed "CompactMIDI" was adopted by the company now known as KDDI CORPORATION.
  • The world's first* format for ringtone distribution CompactMIDI, developed by Faith, was introduced by NTT DOCOMO, INC. in its i-mode internet service.
  • Faith's music technology WebSynth was adopted by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. as the standard sound source for its PS2 game software.
  • The EZ-Web ringtone distribution service (currently operated by KDDI CORPORATION’s AU) was started using Faith's "CompactMIDI".
  • NTT DOCOMO, INC. started a 16-tone karaoke service using Faith's i-app in its first JAVA-equipped 503i mobile phone series.
  • Faith, Inc. was listed on JASDAQ.
  • Established a North American subsidiary Faith West Inc.
  • Verizon Wireless started the first* North American 16-tone ringtone service Modtones in the US.
  • Acquired Digiplug S.A.S of France as a subsidiary and undertook development of distribution services and music distribution technology for mobile phones in Europe.
  • Established MORA Corporation as a joint venture company with NTT DATA Corporation. Started a business platform construction support business in China.
  • Developed a multi-format player compatible with DSP-compliant software sound sources produced by Texas Instruments Inc. of the US and with all kinds of formats around the world.
  • Entered into an agreement with Nokia Japan Co., Ltd. concerning next-generation mobile terminal-use content development support.
  • Started the UK's first* mobile group messaging service buzzuco.
  • Listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Acquired Webmoney Corporation as a subsidiary, building up the electronic money business.
  • Formed an alliance with SingTel in the content distribution business in Singapore.
  • AT&T Wireless started the US top brand service Modtones for m-mode.
  • Formed alliances with Maxis Bhd in Malaysia and Smart Communications, Inc. in the Philippines as part of the content distribution business.
  • In an alliance with Verizon Wireless in the US, Faith West started the master music distribution service Modtones DJ and the graphic distribution service Modtones Gallery.
  • In an alliance with McDonald's Corporation, provided music ringtones as prizes for the first time in the largest scale campaign of its type in the US.
  • Formed an alliance with the world biggest online game maker, GRAVITY Co., Ltd. in South Korea.
  • Established Bellrock Media Japan, Inc. a content distribution business through joint investment with YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO., LTD.
  • Acquired TakeNET, which is part of the content distribution business focused on Brazil, as a subsidiary.
  • Acquired Goody Point, Inc., one of the major gift points card system providers in Japan, as a subsidiary.
  • Established Medical Communication, Inc. to expand into the field of medical, health and electronic medical record services using mobile phones.
  • Established Brave, Inc. which produces and distributes music and visual software, in a joint venture with Taito Corporation and SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.
  • Subsidiary GIGA NETWORKS, INC. acquired the business rights of Giga, one of Japan's major ringtone providers with 4 million paying members.
  • Established Desperado, Inc. in a joint venture with the Amuse Group to expand into production and digital distribution of movies.
  • Acquired Rightsscale, Inc., operator of Asia's first iTunes authorized aggregator, as a subsidiary to enhance the music digital distribution business.
  • Established the Faith Advisory Board.
  • Strengthened the group's collaborative business framework through a capital alliance with Intel Corporation and YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO., LTD.
  • GIGA NETWORKS, INC. started a video distribution service for mobile phones. Utilizing Faith's personal authentication technology NFRM, the company launched a general-use service that made enabled viewing and listening of content via an official i-mode site on PCs, digital home appliances and other devices in addition to mobile phones.
  • Medical Communication, Inc. started "PocketQQ" services.
  • Brave, Inc. started “viBirth”, Asia's first* private label service to support musicians.
  • WebMoney Corporation listed on JASDAQ NEO (New Entrepreneurs' Opportunity).
  • Desperado, Inc. produced the hit movie "PACO and the Magical Book".
  • GIGA NETWORKS, INC. and Desperado, Inc. merged to become Faith Wonderworks, Inc.
  • Business of Medical Communication, Inc. transferred to Faith in order to strengthen competitiveness in this field
  • Launched MusicBirth+, an integrated music program spanning the TV, the Internet and mobile phones.
  • Faith's digital distribution technology for ringtones has been used in about 100 countries around the world and on about 9 billion mobile devices.
  • Became the largest shareholder of Columbia Music Entertainment, Inc., welcomed it into the Faith Group as an affiliate, and changed its corporate name to NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. in commemoration of their 100th year.
  • All businesses of Brave, Inc. transferred to Faith in the interests of consolidating related businesses within the Faith Group.
  • Faith Wonderworks, Inc. produced the hit movie "Confessions (Kokuhaku) ", which was selected as Japan's official entry in the Foreign Film category of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.
  • Sold entire shareholding in WebMoney Corporation to KDDI CORPORATION.
  • Established Future RECORDS, Inc. as a joint venture company with NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. to conduct planning, production and management of works related to artists.
  • Opened the Faith Group's showroom Future SEVEN on the first floor of Faith Minami Aoyama.
  • “Future label” artists appeared on “Yonpara FUTURE Game Battle”, a TV show featuring the members of “Not yet” the subunit of AKB48.
  • Started “viBirth” App, Japan's first* social music application service.
  • Faith Wonderworks, Inc.'s video recommendation service FaRaoTV adopted as an official app for the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival.
  • Invested in LYNC-ENTERTAINMENTS, which is involved in artist discovery, cultivation and management.
  • Began Japan's first* Internet radio app “FaRao” offering unlimited music streaming service with original tracks provided by major record companies.
  • Acquired Entermedia Inc. which isengaged in the creation and operation of mobile phone/smartphone-based fan club sites and e-commerce relating to sell artist merchandise.
  • Established Kidzapplanet, a label specializing in intellectual training apps for infants and children.
  • Started the "POP ICON PROJECT TOKYO", an artist cultivation and development program directed by Nicola Formichetti, the fashion director who collaborates with Lady Gaga.
  • Faith Wonderworks, Inc. launched "ARTIST CROWD", a crowd-sourcing service specialized for music production.
  • Acquired OK Life Inc. an operator of Japan's number-one music social media service OKMusic.
  • Formed a capital and business alliance with Revolver, Inc. an operator of the artist social media platform “Revolver”.
  • Started the photo communication social media SmileLog.
  • Acquired a majority stake of NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. through a tender offer, and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
  • Faith Wonderworks, Inc. acquired "with9" (one of the biggest social media for band member recruitment in Japan).
  • Launched a digital music service for business use, “FaRao PRO” which has the largest music channels in the industry and is equipped with functions to bring more customers to the shops.
  • Completed the full launch of Fans, a platform that supports artists.
  • Established a French subsidiary Faith France, SAS and launched FaRao PRO.
  • Established an Indonesian subsidiary PT. Faith Neo Indonesia and launched FaRao PRO.
  • Acquired one of the major labels DREAMUSIC Inc. which is an official member of The Recording Industry Association of Japan.
  • NIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. became a wholly-owned subsidiary through share exchange.
  • The OKLIFE, Inc. business was transferred to JAPAN MUSIC NETWORK, Inc.
  • Divested entire shareholdings in ENTERMEDIA INC.
  • Established a wholly-owned subsidiary Faith Property, Inc.
  • Established Waku Waku Works, Inc. as a joint venture company with ASOBISYSTEM CO., LTD and opened PLUSTOKYO, a music lounge with a dual charm in Ginza, Tokyo.
  • Acquired entire shareholdings of KSR Corp. and converted it into a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • Launched “Thumva”, a live performance video streaming service which provides a new streaming experience to viewers.
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