Faith, Inc.


The Faith Group’s Corporate Philosophy

Leave the present, Create the future

At Faith, what we are looking at is not "now" but "from now on"
We don't pursue things that already exist in today's world.
Instead, we create from scratch things that tomorrow's world will value.
In this way, we hope to deliver a richer lifestyle overflowing
with smiles to people everywhere.

The Faith Group's Management Philosophy

In a free-spirited environment that overflows with challenges,
we help to provide people with spiritually affluent lifestyles
by taking a consistently neutral stance from a user-oriented perspective as well as
by making maximum use of our innovative planning capabilities,
creativity and ability to make ambition a reality.
At the same time, each group company is
highly independent and has a strong collaborative spirit,
building up business and creating new markets and cultures.
Through this, we continuously create diverse services
that ensure customer confidence while enriching society.


The Faith Group's Code of Conduct

Develop creative ideas to enrich our society.
Display enthusiasm to tackle new challenges with a sense of speed.
Cooperate and collaborate with diverse partners both inside and outside the group.
Respect the ties between people, corporations and society.
Constantly expand our perspective without bias towards particular fields or industries.

The Faith Group’s Code of Ethics

  1. Respect social norms around the world and their underlying spirit and culture, and act fairly while subscribing to a high sense of morality.
  2. Always provide high value products and services fairly and in a manner that values users' perspectives.
  3. Disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate fashion, and ensure the reliability of financial reports and transparent management.
  4. Realize a working environment in which people respect each other’s individuality and personality, and in which each person’s ability is fully utilized.
  5. Remain constantly aware of our role as members of society, and actively engage in contributing that that society.
  6. Strike a balance between business activities and environmental protection, and contribute to the creation of a better living environment.
  7. Maintain internal systems for realizing the above policy and ensure that all employees have a thorough understanding of corporate ethics.